Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michael Welch: AcZone High Musical!

First saw this and thought, "Cute! Michael promoting clean skin!" Then I saw his Edward Cullen hair. Then... he started to sing!

"Welch plays Mike Newton, the baby-faced would-be human love interest of the heroine in the vampiric teen romance series, the second film installment of which, New Moon, opens in October. He serves as the narrator of Aczone the Musical (www.aczonethemusical.com) and will feature in a sweepstakes to be run through the site in September. The winner of the back-to-school promotion will attend a red carpet event related to the screening of New Moon with Welch."

Read more about Michael Welch's deal with Allergen here.

Check Michael Welch in action at: http://www.aczonethemusical.com/ ...and trust us, it is worth checking out!

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