Monday, August 31, 2009

Michael Welch: "I originally auditioned for the role of Edward."

Yes, you read that title correctly! Michael Welch recently revealed in an interview that he originally auditioned for the role of Edward. Take a moment to think of how extremely different "Twilight" would have been!

"Actually, I originally auditioned for the role of Edward. And as much as I appreciate my representatives thinking that I could pull off hauntingly beautiful - the most gorgeous creature you will ever see on the planet - it's not quite me. Then I auditioned for the role of Eric... I auditioned for pretty much every role before Mike. When we got to Mike, it really did seem to be the best fit."

You can read the rest of the article at!

@kathrinb prepares to interview Michael & Anna!

Thanks to the wonderful world of twitter, yet again, I found someone who was preparing to interview some cast members including Anna Kendrick & Michael Welch yesterday!

From @KathrinB on twitter:

"Preparing my interviews with the "New Moon" cast. What do you want me to ask Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Edi Gathegi and Alex Meraz?"

I suggest following @KathrinB for potential details on that interview!

I can also exclusively confirm that New Moon press has begun. Last week the cast did phone conference interviews from both their hotel rooms and the set specifically for New Moon. Looking forward to reading those interviews soon!

Justin Chon: "What's up WTForks?!"

One of our favorite Twi-blogs has this exclusive video of Justin Chon giving them an awesome personalized shout out! Check out this very cool What the Forks?! exclusive!

Hopefully Team Humans will have cool things like this in the future - FINGERS CROSSED!

Justin Chon: Confirmed for Eyecon!

Found this on Twitter, thanks @abbacino!

"We are pleased to announce that Justin Chon "Eric Yorkie" has been confirmed to appear at EyeCon!"

Justin will be joining cast members Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Gil Birmingham, Alex Meraz, and Edi Gathegi! We will keep you posted if Christian, Michael, or Anna are confirmed to attend.

See more details here:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Justin Chon: NJ Twilight Convention!

A few of the cast members dropped out of this weekends Twilight Convention in Parsippany, NJ due to filming schedule conflicts. I contacted one of Justin's reps last week to see if he would still be available, specifically because Christian mentioned on her twitter that she wouldn't be in NJ this weekend due to filming. Unfortunately I never heard back, but thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter I see that Justin has, in fact, made it to NJ!

The first picture is Justin Chon arriving to breakfast, the second is Justin sitting with some guests during breakfast, and the third is of the wolf pack, Edi Gathegi, & Justin on stage! Hopefully we will have some better pictures soon as well as some videos and details of the days events!

HUGE thank you to @heyitslauraa on Twitter for her updates and these great pictures!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anna Kendrick: Possibly confirms TIFF appearance!

For those of you that don't know it was announced via Jason Reitman's twitter that Anna Kendrick's upcoming film with the one and only George Clooney would be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival (aka TIFF) on Saturday September 12, 2009! While we searched all the TIFF guest lists we could find, Anna's name was nowhere to be found. It looks like that may have just been a pre-mature list because Anna mentioned TIFF on her twitter just an hour ago!

I can't see why she wouldn't be making an appearance - this movie has MAJOR buzz and we haven't so much as seen a trailer yet! Though Jason Reitman recently posted to twitter that the teaser trailer would be released before Toronto - we will keep you posted!

Got some exclusive set pictures and/or video? Have you met the humans?

For those of you in the Vancouver area, whether you live there or are specifically visiting for Eclipse filming, if you have any shots of the humans on or off set Team Humans would love to feature them!

Please send in your pictures, video, and story to!

No worries, we will gladly mark your pictures so that no one can steal them as their own.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

PS: Would also love to see some great shots/video of Justin at the NJ Twilight convention this weekend!

Humans on set! Eclipse graduation scene pictures & details. & Punk'D Images strike again with some major exclusives!

Here are some details about what Anna, Christian, Justin, & Mike were shooting yesterday along with the rest of the cast:

"About the scenes – the day before (Thursday), “Bella” and her high school friends were in the cafeteria, excited about graduation. During filming for graduation the following afternoon, “Jessica” gives a speech."

Christian dressed as "Angela" - and looking gorgeous as ever! Guess I was right about those bangs. ;)

Justin & Michael dressed as "Eric" & "Mike" - hotties!

You can check you the rest of the details & pictures (including the long awaited first glimpse of Kristen Stewart in "Bella" hair!) here!

Christian Serratos: red carpet interview & more!

Check out these great videos of Christian Serratos (& Ashley Greene!) on the red carpet of's "The Power of Youth" event at Madame Tussaund's in Hollywood, CA on August 8, 2009.

This video is of Christian leaving the party with her friends - it's a paparazzi video but she was very friendly signing autographs and taking pictures up to over a block away from the party. What a trooper!

Anna Kendrick: The real deal!

HUGE thanks to Punk'd Images on Twitter for this one!

Here is Anna Kendrick in what is supposedly her graduation scene costume. Leave it to Jessica Stanley to wear such a cute dress! Though I'm thinking those sneakers are probably Anna's.

Punk'D says they also have shots of Christian, Justin, & Michael in costume as well. Looking forward to seeing them on later!

While I still think that this picture is Anna in what may possibly be another scene's costume, it is great to have an official picture from yesterday!

Humans leave the set!

Check out this short (but great!) video of Christian Serratos, Justin Chon (looks like his signature peace sign out the window), and Michael Welch leaving yesterdays set. Think they may have incorporated Christian's new trendy bangs into Angela's look? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Thanks to @RobPattzNews for another great video!

Anna Kendrick: Is it or isn't it?

VanCityAllie posted a great blog of her visit to the Eclipse set yesterday. She has once again provided Twilight fans around the world with some great pictures and details, but unfortunately one picture labeled as MAYBE (emphasis on the maybe, as she clearly states she is not 100% sure) being Anna Kendrick is in fact NOT our Anna. Though had it been, it would have been a great shot of her!

However, @aliceinnyc found another picture on Twilight Gossip that has potential of being Anna. Unfortunately it's from behind so we cannot confirm at this moment, but we are pretty sure it is her! Check out the pictures below and tell us what YOU think!

Definitely NOT Anna!

Maybe Anna...?

Photos properly credited to &!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Justin Chon: Arriving (or leaving) Eclipse set yesterday!

Check out more set pics at the source! Thanks to TwiFans on Twitter!

VIDEO: Humans on set!

There are two videos on YouTube this morning of the human cast on the Eclipse set yesterday! Check them out below:

A little shaky, but you can clearly see Anna Kendrick, Christian Serratos, Justin Chon, and Michael Welch all walking by.

Here you can see Anna Kendrick in the front seat, leaving set for the day. Maybe the other humans were in the back?

Thanks to RobPattzNews on YouTube & Twitter!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anna Kendrick: Stepping out of make-up on Eclipse set!

Twilight Gossip has EXCLUSIVE pictures of Anna Kendrick coming out of the hair & make-up trailer on the set of Eclipse just a few hours ago!

What do you think this could be for? The buzz on Twitter is either the graduation scene and/or the graduation party the Cullens throw for Bella. Hmm! Check out the rest of the pictures here.

Just Jared Jr has HQ un-tagged pix of the humans arriving in VC!

Just Jared Jr. has HQ untagged shots of Anna, Christian, Justin, and Michael arriving in VC this week! You can view them all here.

Anna Kendrick: New "Fear Itself: The Spirit Box" interview!

Check out this new behind the scenes interview with Anna Kendrick & her Fear Itself co-star Jessica Parker Kennedy!

FearNet will exclusively premiere "The Spirit Box" in HD on September 2nd on their web-site:!



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As you all know the humans arrived in Vancouver this Tuesday (8/25) to begin shooting their scenes for Eclipse. Stay tuned for upcoming news on that - hopefully we'll have some pictures to share with you soon.

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